Tray Buddi has made my life so much easier! I own a daycare, so most days I’m feeding three to four children at a time. I love using Tray Buddi on the highchair, as well as the toddler chair. It’s such a pleasure not having the mess on the floor anymore, the children love it, and it’s so easy to clean! Tray Buddi will be the best baby gift ever! Thank you Jodi Bracho for inventing such an amazing product!!

Kristen Manzo
Daycare Owner

Having two little ones Tray Buddi has been a life saver. My one year old can play and eat comfortably in her highchair while Tray Buddi keeps everything on the tray! Before Tray Buddi food would be flying across the room, now everything stays in place and I’m one happy Mom! My other daughter is three, and we love using Tray Buddi on the car seat for the two of them. I’m NO longer hearing the screams from the backseat because one of their toys dropped, while I couldn’t reach behind to grab it! We now have peaceful mealtimes and enjoyable car rides, thanks to Tray Buddi!
Such an awesome invention Jodi Bracho!

Samantha Wolf
Mother of Two

Tray Buddi has certainly made my life easier. As a grandmother to three little ones it can be exhausting. Gone are the days of bending over a million times to pick things up, as they continuously land on the floor. With two grandchildren in highchairs and one in her toddler chair, I have been using three Tray Buddi’s at a time! Now, I can actually sit and enjoy a meal with all three of my grandchildren. We laugh, sing songs, and spend more quality time together because I’m not wasting a moment cleaning up the mess from the floor! This is such a fantastic product, you simply can’t do without it!

Mildred Romero