Tray Buddi is designed to attach to most highchairs, booster seats, strollers, and wheelchairs as long as they have an attachable tray, with a seat back to secure Tray Buddi in place. Tray Buddi is designed to keep food, toys and objects on the tray and off the floor.

Tray Buddi is NOT a protective device for a child, nor is it a restraint. NEVER leave a child unattended while using Tray Buddi. Put Tray Buddi securely away and out of reach of children after use.

Tray Buddi, LLC. Does not warrant the use of this product on any devices other than those listed above. Tray Buddi, LLC also does warrant use of this product being modified in anyway.


1) Locate the label on front circle stating “bottom facing tray”

2) Holding side panels of Tray Buddi, and standing behind your highchair, Booster chair, stroller, or wheelchair line the label on the center circle against the bottom of the tray. Please see additional instructions for the Car seat.

3) Once you have the center circle in place: Grab the straps and line the side panels up against the sides of the tray:

4) Fasten your straps: Adjust them so they’re taut.  Then, adjust the center circle and side panels in place.
The elastic on the front should be snug against the bottom of the tray.

5) The label and the bottom of the center circle, as well as the side panels will be lower than the tray.
You’ll notice that they will slightly curve under the edges of the tray itself.

6) Once in place you can tighten the Tray Buddi straps up even more.  You’ll know it’s in place if you pull the side panels up and Tray Buddi doesn’t
move from the front of the tray. You want it to be secure and taut!

7) Tray Buddi is flexible and can easily be adjusted.














1) Localize la etiqueta en el círculo central que dice “parte inferior frente a la bandeja”

2) Sosteniendo los paneles laterales del Tray Buddi y de pie detrás de la silla alta, silla de refuerzo, coche o  silla de ruedas, coloque la etiqueta en el círculo central en contra de la parte inferior de la bandeja.
Consulte las instrucciones adicionales para el asiento de Bebe para su Automobil

3) Una vez que tenga el círculo central en su lugar, agarre las correas y cubra los paneles laterales en contra  de los lados de la bandeja.

4) Abroche las correas: Ajustarlas para que estén tensas. Luego, ajuste el círculo central y los paneles laterales en su lugar.
    El elástico en la parte delantera debe ser ajustado contra la parte inferior de la bandeja.

5) La etiqueta y la parte inferior del círculo central así como los paneles laterales serán inferiores a la bandeja.  Usted notará que ligeramente ellos mismos se curvean debajo de los bordes de la propia bandeja.

6) Una vez todo en su lugar, usted puede apretar las correas del Tray Buddi aún más. Usted sabrá que está en  su lugar si levanta los paneles laterales y nota que el Tray Buddi no se mueve desde la parte delantera de la  bandeja. Usted quiere que sea seguro y tenso!

7) Tray Buddi es flexible y puede ajustarse fácilmente.