Our Story

About Tray Buddi 

It’s no secret that parenting a young child can be the most joyful, but also the messiest experience ever! This is especially true when it comes to mealtime. I learned this first-hand and invented a product to solve this problem shortly after adopting my daughter, Gabriella. 

Gabriella had a few complications during her first little year of life, some of which she has outgrown. Unfortunately, she still has severe allergies which presents a whole new set of challenges. Once Gabriella could go in the highchair if something landed on the floor it was immediately thrown away or had to be completely sterilized. She loved being next to me in the highchair while I worked, returned e-mails, cooked or did dishes. However, I did NOT love the fact that everything on the highchair wound up on the floor. The mess was everywhere, and it felt like every two seconds I was picking up a toy, food, or sippy cup from the floor.

So, I started a search. I looked everywhere. I thought there had to be a product out there that would fill this obvious need, but my search came up empty. I wound up making a few things myself out of a cardboard box and some rods, then attached it to the tray. For my prototypes, I got even more creative by using the netting from my ping pong table, ripped apart our pack-n-play, and even tore buckles off of Gabriella’s baby items until I perfected my final product with the help of an amazing friend and seamstress! 

It was an instant success! Gabriella was thrilled as she played and ate, and I was ecstatic because I could actually get things done AND keep everything off the floor and safe for my baby! I also loved the fact that Gabriella and I could stay engaged because she was at eye level with me while in her highchair!

I am proud to have invented and developed The Original Tray Buddi, and invite you to discover the ease of using this wonderful product with your little one! There is nothing else on the market that can compare to the quality and functionality of The Original Tray Buddi. Find out for yourself with your own Tray Buddi that, “What Goes on the Tray, Stays on the Tray!”